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Published 2022-12-07
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The film has grown a big following but also a lot of annoyance. What does Nostalgia Critic think of the divided holiday classic? Let's take a look at Elf.

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Elf is a 2003 American Christmas comedy film directed by Jon Favreau and written by David Berenbaum. It stars Will Ferrell as the title character, a human raised by Santa's elves, who learns about his origins and heads to New York City to meet his biological father. James Caan, Zooey Deschanel, Mary Steenburgen, Edward Asner, and Bob Newhart appear in supporting roles.

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All Comments (21)
  • One thing I liked about the Imposter Santa is that he's legitimately trying to do a good job. He's personable with the kids, asks questions, has a decent voice--he's definitely trying harder than most Mall Santa characters do.
  • I get that some people find him annoying, but I think Ferrels enthusiasm and childlike innocence combined with his oafish and oversized (for his mind) body makes this a fun performance for me. I think hes believable most of the time, and it is really fun to watch him improve the lives of everyone around him. Also, "you sit on a throne of lies" is the funniest thing in the world to me for no reason.
  • @jerraldwest8531
    I love the look on the Dad's face when he realizes that if he hadn't started to sing at that moment, Santa's sleigh would have ran him over and killed him. 😂
  • @anthonydeadman
    In regards to the shower scene, you really gotta keep in mind, Buddy the whole time still retains the mindset of a child.

    So genuinely, he probably never realized she was showering let alone in the nude and his soul intention was to innocently just listen to her melodic singing.

    Hell I doubt he even knew what being attracted to a person's body entails, but it's heavily implied she taught him all he needed to know by the end of the movie given they had a kid and all.
  • @brenyatta7638
    Buddy wasn’t even watching Jovi shower. He just wanted to do a duet of the song because he loved her singing voice. He even sat in a spot where she needed to look around the corner in order to see him
  • The dad was kind of a jerk at first but the stepmom was amazing. It was the stepmom who insisted that he stay with them
  • @videohistory722
    Will Ferrell actually was scared of the jack in the boxes. His reactions are genuine.
  • @greshaminc156
    I always loved elf in my opinion. I can understand why you aren’t a fan of elf. What I love about buddy in the film is that yes, he can be annoying and childish, but he can be relatable where it does remind us of our childhoods when we behaved like him. It was a fun Christmas comedy for me next to Home Alone and Christmas Vacation.
  • @barneychill4547
    A few years back I played Buddy the Elf in an adaptation of the Elf musical, so Elf will always have a special place in my heart. Elf the musical was the first show of our theater program, was my first lead role, and was the last production one of my favorite teachers took part in before dying of throat cancer. R.I.P. Mrs. Bordeleau
  • @brewesharp3129
    I like Zoey a lot shes a pretty talented singer and songwriter also
  • @Kyolover8
    Finally I'm not the only one who thought the elf soundtrack sounded similar to the polar express soundtrack. The very first time I watched both of them I knew they sounded similar.
  • @averymerrick
    Dyeing for Your Art: Will Ferrell really did consume the spaghetti-and-candy monstrosity that Buddy creates his first morning at Walter's house. All the sugar reportedly gave him a migraine.
  • @wstine79
    I love Peter Dinklage as the author who beats up Buddy because he called him an elf. I'm sure he wanted to do that for a long time.
  • @drewkaplan7460
    My all time favorite Christmas movie. For me a must watch every Christmas season.
  • @tomsalvato5043
    I have the opposite reaction people have for this movie. At first I didn’t really like it at all, because I never fully watched it. After watching the whole thing a few years ago, I love this movie. I watch it every time it comes on during Christmas time.
  • @dougbriglmen716
    I feel sorry for Tamra a little bit, hope she didn’t lose her voice with all that screaming!😂
  • @dorourke105
    i was never bothered by this movie i loved it, i was never bothered by Will's brand of comedy either. he's definitely one of those your mileage may vary type of comedians
  • My dad has an irrational hatred of this movie in spite of the fact that he has never seen it. I rebelled and watched it at a friend's house and I can safely say, it's a certified hood classic
  • @user-et7hj6yf2r
    I actually think Buddy screaming over-the-top upon hearing his father is on the naughty list is perfectly reasonable in the context of the movie.

    In Elf culture that's probably the equivalent of learning a relative had a criminal record.