Published 2022-12-04
This video was a mix of who can eat the SPICIEST WINGS, but also who has the spiciest wings! i hope you enjoyed the video guys! Did you guys like the edits? let me know down below! Make sure to subscribe and like the video for more BANGERS!


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All Comments (21)
  • MindofRez
    The comments you guys leave us day in and day out means the world to us! we love you guys ❤️
  • The reason why I love Rez is because he never switches his style and keeps that 2017 yt energy in all his vids. I’m so glad you came back and I think I speak for everyone when I say that.
  • Armin_YT2011
    We just love the reason Jayden is eating all of those spicy wing s like it’s nothing to him.Absolutely such a Legend.
  • Little Heck
    can we all thank how happy we are to see rez back to posting bangers❤
  • Little Heck
    There will never be enough appreciated for the actions that Mindofrez has taken. Such a good guy.
  • Khris Horton
    Jayden just chillin while everybody dying 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Ethan Cyr
    i love how they’ve been gone for so long but haven’t skipped a beat when it comes to these edits, jokes, and the overall energy they bring i’m so glad y’all are back!
  • Jeshua Cruz
    Jayden is a savage man I wouldn’t even last the first wing I can’t handle spice that good and I also love how Jayden is always in his own world he’s a very good kid.
  • soiung toiue
    jaydon has so much more energy then he used to most happy and energetic i’ve ever seen him love to see it
  • Brian_The_Brave
    Now I wanna see Jayden do the one chip challenge 😂 he can really handle spice!
  • Little Heck
    I will never forget the moments you guys have brought me in my childhood. Now that you are back the nostalgia is incredible. Love y’all ❤
  • Kedo
    Jayden the goat never disappoints 😂
  • Little Heck
    Jayden’s an absolute savage, those wing were nothing to him 😂
  • Flash God
    Mannn I’m so glad that rez is doing good and getting his grind back up thanks rez for coming back to us we love it
  • Little Heck
    i love how jayden just chills in the back munching on the wings like they’re nothing 🤣😭
  • Sport shorts
    Can we all thank rez for how long he puts in his vids ❤🎉
  • Kedo
    So glad that mindofrez is back doing bangers like the good days.
  • Ibra A
    Man I miss these guys, so glad they are back. Rez is single handedly reviving YouTube
  • Little Heck
    jayden is crazy bro everyone freaking out hes jus sitting there😂 and im so happy rez is finally back with the after school bangers