How These Kids in Scary Situations Got Help

Published 2023-01-01
These kids knew they needed help and they asked for it. In 2018, Emmy McCardell’s quick thinking saved her from a stranger who approached while she was sunbathing. In November, a Pennsylvania boy sensed danger and went into a local business for help. And a Nebraska child who got lost after school approached his friend’s home desperate for assistance. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • @rlight7666
    My girl called him a "tricky man" Thank you parents for teaching your children situational awareness!
  • @Kirkwoodclay
    The fact that little boy’s reaction when kicked off the bus was that he didn’t want his mom worried about him really hit me. What an angel.
  • @ant7257
    I love how the little girl refers to predators as tricky people. Smart girl
  • @hottakebabe3842
    That poor bus kid. He held it together as long as he could but as soon as he knew he was with a safe adult, he just burst into tears
  • @funchik93
    The last kid melted my heart. "I don't want my mom to worry about me"... What a sweet boy!
  • @devanghoulor2424
    Notice how the boy cared more about his mom's feelings than he did that he was lost?? What a son.
  • The little boy was lost and all he cared about was his mother worrying about him that's a lil trooper right there
  • @losersssclub_
    i almost cried for the last little boy, being a mother imagining my child being scared and “lost” like that breaks me down breaks my heart to pieces , i’m so glad maxs mom was home 💜 thank you maxs mom 🥹
  • This is why parents need to teach their kids about "stranger danger" no matter how uncomfortable. It can save their lives
  • The fact that man recognized a distress signal from tic toc is extremely lucky. I wouldn’t have known of that signal!
  • @ladylily
    UPDATE: It was a substitute driver and he was fired from the school district. The family used to live somewhere else in another area, so the boy wouldn't have been able to walk home. The records were updated, though, and he was never let out at the wrong address before this. No idea why he was randomly dropped off where he never lived.
  • @tf8187
    So scary for those kids. Glad they were all safe.
  • @katieponulak7960
    Now if only parents would recognize the dangers within their own family. If your kids act differently around certain family members, then it's time to stop letting said family members around.
  • @Weeeewriter
    We all have to pay more attention what's going on around us, too many negative distractions in this world right now. I love that tik tok video where it shows everyone a sign someone is in distress and to call for help. I hope it stays viral. And as a mom myself, when the children were frightened, it really touched my soul, I wanted to protect them too. Thank you parents for teaching your children how to react when things go wrong and approached by weirdos.
  • @asyar8169
    I love how Max's mum just opened her arms to him straightaway and told him not to worry
  • @allyh7075
    The bus driver story reminds me of two different situations I've had with taxi drivers. When I was around 13, I had to get taxis home from school due to the awkward location and the tiny size of the school. So one day the taxi broke down on an A-road and instead of calling for a backup car or even just letting me call my mum, he told me to get out on the side of the busy carriageway with no footpath. A few miles away from home. What's worse, he'd just picked me up from a school specifically for kids with "special needs", and I told him I'm autistic and had no clue how to get home safely, but he just left. It took me over two hours to find my way home, wandering along the side of the carriageway.

    The second time, I was 16 and being picked up at midnight since I didn't want to stay for a sleepover (dangerous and dumb, I know) and my friend had already locked the door behind me and told me not to knock again because her parents would be really mad if I woke them. So I get into this taxi, tell him the address, and he suddenly glares at me. Apparently someone from my apartment building had previously ran out without paying, so he decides to refuse me service, yelling to "get out of his f***ing car." I was crying by then and tried to explain that my mum was waiting at our front door to pay, I had no way to go back inside to my friend and I just wanted to go home, but he was so angry. I ended up calling my mum from the side of the road, sobbing because I was terrified and the area itself was really sketchy. Almost zero streetlights or security cameras, just huge trees and looming walls that could hide potential attackers. Luckily she booked me another taxi that showed up fast and the second driver was really kind and understanding (he had an autistic granddaughter) so he got me home safe. I couldn't imagine leaving a vulnerable person, let alone a child, alone in an unfamiliar place due to impatience or anger.
  • @Bunnie-pl3qd
    the mom in the first video is an AMAZING mother, she taught her kids about strangers danger, and kidnapping, without traumatizing them.
  • @charmaine9920
    That mom needs to sue the heck out of the bus company 😒
  • @LaineyBug2020
    Quincy reminds me so much of me. He's able to keep everything compartmentalized while he's in danger, and didn't let the panic touch him until he saw Max's Mom and knew it was safe now!