Dad Saves His Daughter From Coyote Attack

Published 2022-12-06

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  • The scream of the child was heartbreaking. The parents in these videos did the most important job in their lives by literally protecting children from harm.
  • Dad who chased off the coyote is a genuine hero as is mum fighting a rabid raccoon. God bless them both ❤️
  • Juana Kravitz
    The fact these animals attacked in daylight hours most definitely had rabies. Glad these parents came to their kids rescue 🛟 in time.
  • Olivia
    It was so relieving to see you interview the girl that was attacked by the racoon. It's nice to know she's not too injured and is able to talk about it.
  • Wow the real MVP was the lady! How she calmly just walked out and grabbed that son of ah gun by the neck was bad ass! And told the neighbors to get in the house! She’s a gem!
  • As a momma of two 7 year old girls, I was not prepared to hear the horrified scream that came out of both these babies, my heart sunk. I am so glade the parents were able to act fast to save thier babies. I was born and raised in the country were you have to keep your head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings at all times, do to coyotes, bears, snakes, mountain lions, and rabid animals. 😢
  • Anna Vrublevski
    Two parents fighting with the purest of instincts - good on them for the fast rescues 🙌
  • Drewski
    Mom instincts turned her into an instant wrangler. In one move she had the raccoon by the scruff of the neck in one hand and the daughter in the other👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  • A Florida Son
    As for rabies, both animals do come out during the day. I've seen them plenty of times. It's not unheard of for a coyote to attack a person, especially a small person. Raccoons won't normally attack and not let go. The mom and both kids did get rabies shots, which is always the safest, and responsible thing to do if a wild animal bites you.
  • Txuan
    Shes so lucky and the dads amazing ❤
    My dad would’ve left me and say “your just dramatic it’s basically a dog.” 💀
  • Paulo Araujo
    I could feel their pain. Geez, how scary that experience should be. Glad they're OK.
  • They did what every parent should do. Protect their kids. Way to go to both the mom and dad of those girls!
  • JNati0n_97
    Both parents showed bravery and courage in a time where protecting your child is the top priority. Amazing parents, both of them
  • Mire
    My heart hurts hearing the cries of terror of those two little girls! So glad they’re ok.
  • Goes to show that you can’t look away from your kids for one second, always keep them within eyesight and be very vigilant, not just of wild animals, but evil people. This world is a dangerous place so stay strapped if you can!
  • Natalie Staheli
    That's one of the worst nightmares as a parent! I don't want to even think about what would've happened if the parents weren't in such close proximity to their kids! I also hope that the kids aren't permanently affected mentally and emotionally!
  • Shan
    Omg, that looked so scary and I'm glad everyone is okay. Good for the parents who kept their cool and saved their kids.
  • Eric Paris
    Damn, so scary but also so awesome to see these parents absolutely DOMINATE their roles. True protectors and lovers of their children. Great coverage by Inside Edition on this one!