Nightly News Full Broadcast - Feb. 3

Published 2023-02-03

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  • Emma Love
    I don't want Lester to step down from doing the nightly news. He's so easy to listen to and I'd miss him. I'm a grandmother in North Carolina.
  • Patricia Egan
    Please be as protected as you can be in this crazy weather. And for those that can help to protect others, please do and thank you.
  • Zahira Ledoux
    Just an idea, it may be a good idea to establish a medical consult service, a hotline, online chat, or email could be sent to a specific address. This could create jobs. The people working the response team do not have to be qualified, similar to emergency operators. The system could flag certain symptoms as need to contact doctor or for more serious illness visit local ER. Some website already include medical search by symptoms lists so the idea is out there.
  • Laura Malizia
    Everyone stay safe and warm in these dangerously cold days.❤
  • Aliyu Shekare
  • Bob bailey
    Lester it is my pleasure to watch your team's daily world news reports. Not sense the death of Walter Cronkite have I had such a pleasure listening to any news reports. You and your team have filled the void that was caused by shotty news reports. Thank you all for your great works.
  • Heather
    There is No excuse why they can't safely get that balloon down. China wouldn't let an "observation balloon" fly over their country for this many days. What the heck?
  • Michele Witman
    Why don't they report the fact most of these jobs don't provide a living wage, or decent benefits? 🤔
  • Auntie Jen
    I'm a little concerned about the current trend toward telehealth. I understand how that can occasionally be an acceptable option, but I prefer being able to see and be seen by my doctor. My doctor may notice something I was unaware of. Also, I may need to ask about something but not know how to ask the question. Maybe I'm "old-fashioned", but I just don't think there's any substitute for a face-to-face visit with any health professional.
  • Marige OBrien
    Just passing this along: I happened to notice yesterday that, by covering my face with a scarf but then ALSO covering that scarf with a gloved hand, I kept my face MUCH WARMER-- and my hand, too because I was exhaling directly onto it. This helped greatly during a 10 minute walk. My other hand was in a pocket and I could tell the difference. (I had to go out because my neighbor, who was out of town, asked me to go to her house and turn up her heat.)
  • Incredibly compassionate act from a small town in US, to bring a fire station truck to Ukraine out of the sympathy of a small girl. It brought me to tears. I pray for the Ukranians every day. The whole world should try to help to stop this conflict.
  • Kurt McLean
    The story of the fire engine donated to Ukraine inspired by a kid just asking a question was amazing. Thanks
  • So. Let me see if I understand this. We can't shoot down the balloon because it might cause civilian injury, but an errant civilian airliner is an acceptable risk to shoot down if it entered sensitive air space.
  • Robin
    That story about the fire engine donation, was truly inspiring!
  • Mike Ryan
    I'm in Illinois and only had one deep freeze. Its been in the 40s most of the Winter. I love Winter and wish we had one this year
  • Erik Wegner
    It’s not easier to email doctors, they never respond.
  • Allen Lovell
    What about capturing the balloon? Take it apart, check their capabilities, reassemble, and return back with a " Thank You ! ".
  • Chris Singh
    This is crazy. The balloon should be down already.
  • reed g
    So now people need to start charging doctors for the time we have to sit an wait for them past appointment time or when they call you asking questions or wanting you to come in at another time
  • As a healthcare provider, I see patients face to face from 7A to 6P-- seldom a lunch break. Then from 6P to 10P I answer patient's email's, calls, adjust prescriptions, send In prescriptions. This doesn't include on-call overnight calls and care for patients. Providers should be reimbursed for these long and difficult days that often run into nights. By the time I get home by 10:45P at night, I don't even care if I eat dinner. I crawl into bed by 11-11:30P and am up by 5:00A to repeat the long hours on behalf of my beloved patients. 🙏🏻 I am not the only provider working this typical schedule. 💙