These People Survived Getting Impaled

Published 2022-10-31
These people and animals survived getting impaled. In 2018, Xavier Cunningham was playing with friends in his backyard in Missouri when a metal barbeque skewer went through his head. In 2019, a Florida teenager was lucky to be alive after part of a boat anchor went into his skull. In 2019, Eli Gregg survived after a knife accidentally went through his face into his brain. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • PSA: DO NOT PULL OUT SOMETHING THAT IMPALES YOU! If you have been impaled or stabbed do not remove it, it is blocking the torn open blood vessels and blocks the blood from gushing out. If you remove it you have a high chance of bleeding out before anyone can get you.
    Edit: I honestly believe that's what helped these people, their loved ones knew not to remove it and to wait for or get help.
  • I'm surprised no one is talking about that poor dog... The amount of pain he endured is beyond imaginable. First he was stabbed by the fence but because he was hanging there for so long, the weight of his body caused it to slowly impale him... That dog is so strong and the pain he felt is unfathomable. So glad he survived, is no longer in pain and able to recover. He is a good, brave boy.
  • @gleefulme9617
    Oh my! I am so thankful this little boy survived without a disabling injury!
  • I was impaled through my thigh with a rebar pole in a 4x4 accident. we were on a logging road and pretty far out so it was a pretty close call. I'm thankful for my friend who used my belt as a tourniquet, and to the amazing paramedics that saved my life .
  • @nouserbri
    Just seeing the thumbnail gave me chills, im so glad these people survived it
  • @N.K.---
    My god they survived by miracle literally those sharp things were too close to their vital organs and arteries happy to see they had a good recovery
  • @ItzJustMia
    Lesson to boys: Never play or do anything with a sharp or dangerous tool or you’ll end up like these boys who had serious injuries to their heads and faces. Its a miracle that these boys and even a dog survived life threatening injuries such as these. My heart goes out to all of them. ❤️❤️
  • @dekev7503
    I can't imagine the nightmare the parents went through
  • @YoanPena
    omg i just imagine the poor baby dog hanging on the fence for minutes with his weight causing pain. good thing he’s okay now ❤️
  • @ketchup7..
    Crazy all of these people survived! I hope their recovery went well❤️💕💕💕💕
  • Omg! Poor Wilbur! When they had the spike near him you can tell he was traumatized! He didn’t even wanna look at it! He kept looking away poor baby glad they all survived
  • @nicole5456
    this makes me think about the case of Phineas Gage, except his outcome wasn't as positive
    for anyone that doesn't know about him, Phineas Gage was a railroad worker during the 1800s. There was an explosion at the job site and a larger metal spear impaled his head (it went in by his jaw and straight out the top of his head). He miraculously recovered, but his personality changed drastically after the accident. I find his case really interesting, which is why I know a good amount about it :)
  • Our cat had the same thing happen to her in a similar place. She jumped off a shed roof and there was a piece of rebar sticking out of the ground. She landed on it on her belly and I found her after not seeing her for a while, hearing her behind the shed. When I saw her she was hanging down off of it and it concerned me but I touched her to move her off and she was stuck, I was 11 or 12 at the time and that completely freaked me out. I ran screaming. My mom found her and she had moved, it going all the way through, between her leg and back and side. Somehow missing all organs, but she was pulled off and bleeding very bad. A horrific time. She is 11 now though and going very strong. What a traumatizing moment.
  • Shocking but amazing. Those people and that dog were so lucky. The fact that they came out of those incidents with no other ill effects is truly incredible. I wish them all a speedy recovery.
  • That first little boy is so cute and so well spoken! Glad God had a watchful eye over him that day.
  • @Jepie
    Aw I’m so happy the puppy is okay
  • @donovan2723
    Look up 'Ron Hunt Miracle Guy'. Somehow he survived falling face first on an 18-inch drill. The drill went through his brains, but did NO DAMAGE, as it somehow pushed his brains aside instead of drilling through them.
  • @purepoison618
    Wow! Living, breathing miracles (these remarkable patients themselves)saved by living, breathing hero’s! (those remarkable doctors & vets, nurses and caregivers)
    We all could use more this type of news in our lives. ....and Happy Halloween 🎃 to any folks out there that celebrate it)
  • @mustang4416
    It's a miracle that they survive hope they make a full recovery ❤🙏