El Nido Red Bull Cliff Diving 2019 World Series REPLAY | Philippines

Published 2019-04-13
Check out the REPLAY from El Nido, a first-ever stop in the Philippines which kicked off the 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series! Watch as though it were LIVE as you witness the world's best cliff dive from up to 27m!

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All Comments (19)
  • This is not only diving ,it’s also climbing intense this is very challenging ❤️ thank you for choosing are humble country. The philippines 🇵🇭
  • Been to this place 2 yrs ago and I say that 5 hrs drive from Palawan going to El Nido is worth it. On my first day, I took the Tour A package which is composed of 5 island tour like the small lagoon, large lagoon, the commando, the secret lagoon, and the Shimizu island. Truly beautiful❤
  • Fantastic sport! 👏🏻🤟🏼Thank you for choosing one of the beautiful island of the Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤️ 🏝
  • @msfaradear
    This is what real cliff diving in paradise is. Thank you Red Bull for choosing this amazingly beautiful location.
  • @RoydexChannel
    Thanks for choosing El nido for the opening of this series, that cliff dive of Gary Hunt is such a beautiful! Almost perfect and clean!
  • @DD-gr9my
    Thats the beautiful location of cliff diving history...rock climbing cliff diving...beautiful beaches and lagoons...wow complete package...for the divers...😮😮😱👍
  • When you watched all the series of Cliff diving locations, this one is on another level! Water and the cliffs are just amazingly stunning! Philippines should probably be the next location again. 👏👏👏
  • @iam_cher2741
    Oh, so they did it here in the Philippines already. Just wow! Gary Hunt's really nailing this game. And very humble.👍👍👍
  • @jovssumale5159
    I have been in El Nido and it didn’t occur to me that you can do a cliff diving there. Cliff diving in El Nido is a whole different level 😳😍👏🏼👏🏼
  • Been there and no such beautiful paradise I’ve ever seen to visit but only Palawan. Truly a remarkable paradise!
  • @POTUS-ob5yb
    Such a wonderful location! Like a paradise!😍
  • @Simboloan
    Watched the whole dives. Amazing jumpers. Awesome location, Big Lagoon of El Nido. Congratulations!
  • @dbangues
    Amazing divers in a paradise, thanks RedBull for such an event
  • Wow,,!!👏
    Welcome to the philippines guys ...
    This will be the start to hold a location for a big event like this 'cliff diving'
    Big thank you to the redbull for choosing the philippines ..
    Hoping to see you next year...😊💕🏝🗺🏖
  • @TheTkrum
    So much respect. Godspeed athletes