Published 2023-11-20
Today PWR will be Dropping into OG Fortnite... BUT they can use what they get from 1 Chest during the entire game!

Warm Up for OG Fortnite! The Pit: 0251-9829-3616

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All Comments (21)
  • Vin coming 3rd with a pickaxe only and no chests was the main event of this vid. If he wouldve won it would have been the greatest victory but a 3rd is still mad impressive.
  • @vishwas6860
    Vin is a real entertainer. Has always unique ways to make the video even more enjoyable.
  • @grootgamer6517
    Props to vin for placing third even though he had no weapon
  • Give a massive respect to vin with no weapon the whole game and still made it to 3rd but if he didn’t take that fall damage he would made it
  • @NavizarLubis
    I think Vin is the true winner of this vid, making it top 3 without a gun is impressive.
  • @_stonksIG_
    Respect to Vin for unpotentically meme stratting the entire game
  • vin with no weapon and still coming in third place is impressive he lasted that long
  • @Kondru_03
    I love Timmy, bro is so funny 😂 “the things I would do to myself if I was that kid 😂”
  • legend has it vin is still looking for that first chest to this day
  • @Alix_Playz
    Imagine if Vin was hiding and the random sweat killed Chanzes and Vin pickaxed him from behind and won! It would be his “actual” win and his first pwr win would be a crazy one!
  • Worthy and Looter being two of the most cracked Fortnite players in the world, dying first and second, is why these videos are so entertaining. You have no clue how its gonna turn out.
  • @Swordlaunch
    I love how all the PWR members start trolling each other as they see each other
  • @refraxrandom
    that's a very good random right there but vin without anything in the top three proves he's better