The Most Heart-Stopping Moments of 2019

Published 2019-12-27
This year certainly had its share of heart-stopping moments. From a bizarre wedding proposal, to a tiny pup getting caught in an elevator, these are the moments that make it equally easy and hard to stare. The videos might not have the endings you may expect. Join’s Stephanie Officer as she takes you through some of the most nail-biting moments of the year. #InsideEdition

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  • @JAWNDOEmusic
    Nothing like securing a 'yes' to a proposal by putting your fiance into PTSD level of shock and emotional turmoil before popping the question
  • @jellobeans0
    3:39 this man needs a medal the fact he quickly runs and starts taking the leash off I feel so bad for the woman thinking her dog was dying in that moment but at least the man was there:)
  • Kudos to the parents in the helicopter. They were soooo calm that had to be the biggest sigh of relief ever when they landed
  • @power8212
    The lady who slipped literally went on a water slide down a fountain, glad she is safe.
  • This guy is a legend, he saved the dogs and women’s life from it almost dying.
    Hands down this guys is the best. ❤️
  • @HaliesH
    The man who saved the dog is an absolute legend.
  • @Haydenkhols
    The guy who saved the dog has my full respect
  • @thejaxter6384
    The dad flying the plane was so calm! His wife did an amazing job too. The relief on their faces 😮 The kids had no idea.
  • @shellily
    2019 may have been heart stopping for some... but 2020 stopped for all
  • That man who saved that dog has my full respect, if he wasn’t there that dog would have died. Imagine how sad the owner would be. Life-saver
  • @hayzle6104
    So nobody is gonna talk about those parents thinking they’ll have to do a crash landing? That would’ve been terrifying, especially when they knew that their kids were with them.
  • @orfaliadam1030
    No one about to talk about how reckless that owner was with her dog?

    That man was legendary. Saving him with all his strenght
  • @Vintagee858
    The dog one was one of the most saddest and scariest! People should carry their dogs when going in :(
  • @mymeloxo
    "How many times have you apologized for this?"
    " 7,293 I believe it is."
    I love this guy xD
  • @Anna-dw7vj
    I felt every single pain that girl had. Glad she's alive
  • @itsheath2157
    Bruh that’s just embarrassing that a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL got in an annual “most heart stopping moments” video LOL
  • @JMac-27
    Omfg that guy that saved that dog i cannot handle it, how much of a blessing that he was there i have chills what a hero
  • @seokjin-man9216
    "is that your girlfriend?"
    "I don't see a ring"
    "We're not married yet"

    They could have written a better script than that