Shocking School Photo Stories

Published 2023-01-23

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  • “It was a mistake…I don’t think anyone meant any I’ll intent…” ma’am a WHOLE student with a DISABILITY got cropped out. How is that a mistake? Morgan deserves more.
  • Quinn McDonald
    How the hell do you edit out an entire person? Being discriminatory isn't a mistake. It's deliberate. It isn't like a rat ran up and posed for the photo.
  • JaimeStylez
    My autistic son, and all the kids in MAPS (special needs class) were completely left out of their 2021 year book. The reasoning I was given is “they were just overlooked”. 😡😤
  • REZ🌹🐎
    Cropping out the young lady from the photo was a worse and a more disgusting crime than the young man showing his stuff as a joke. Where is the punishment for that offense? 😡
  • TurtleJisoo
    The fact that he was charged with 69 counts is hilarious

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  • A Florida Son
    The story of Morgyn really upset me. That's one of those defining moments in life. She did her part, she proved her worth, but some fascist had a problem with her, based solely on her condition. 🤬
  • Hannah Katz
    That was the same to me when I was in an elementary dance team. My sister and I were going with our friends to get our dance group pictures and they kicked us out calling us fakers even though we attended this program for 3 years. They were completely racist and didn't even let any black girl who was also my friend in. Just to keep in mind this was also in Florida and it's a public school. When we got the opportunity after, we were photoshopped out of ALL PICTURES. My parents should've never paid a 2k tuition fee and took me there if they were going to be rude to girls with different race and ethnicities.
  • JamesJoestar
    How do you accidentally edit a whole person out of a picture
  • AliSakurai
    I remember in my junior high, the 9th grade class was brought to the gymnasium so we could have a group photo taken. It was because my junior high went from 7th to 9th instead of 6th to 8th. There was this guy who always acted like he was gangster and the whole time the photographer tried to take our picture, he would throw gang signs until finally he was escorted out. When the pictures came, he was edited out of all of them. His parents tried to cry foul but when they saw the unedited pictures they immediately shut up.
  • Itzduhhistorygirl
    Ok the last one has me dead 💀 guy’s and girls out there if one of your friends dare you to do something immature just stop and think about the consequences because you will regret it later on.
  • Sadie Moland
    I was one of the yearbook editors at my highschool. All the graduating class got school photos taken at the beginning of the year for their school ids but not everyone got a “cap and gown” photo taken. When it came to putting pictures in the yearbook, we included the school id photos for the students who didn’t get cap and gown photos. We were asked by multiple teachers to take the id photos out (even though they were high res pics) and to only include those students who got cap and gown photos. At least where I lived, the cap and gown photos were expensive and a lot of students’ parents paid for them, thus to not include the students who didn’t have them in the year book felt like discrimination based on wealth/privilege etc. We refused to make the yearbook unless everyone had their picture included. We just flatly said we would stop working on it and those teachers who were upset could make it themselves. In the end, everyone’s photo was included.
  • I Make Playlists
    I still absolutely love 3:45 “it was a mistake that was made” excuse they had to have known that she was a part of the team and also it was a fantastic photoshop job to get rid of her they obviously knew what they were doing and went into pr mode when they were caught
  • NaTasha1980ツ
    I'm sorry but how do you "accidentally" edit someone out of a pic? That was a choice, an ignorant one at that. Morgan deserves better. And the last one, yeah the guy chose to be a dummy by exposing himself and not think people will see his short comings.
  • famdrafts
    Cropping a whole person out of year book picture is so awful. We don't have yearbooks where I'm from but from what I know a yearbook is supposed to be a memory of your time at school and what you achieved. They completely erased her accomplishments by removing her from the pic
  • Tipsy Gypsy
    Jordan Blue was not actually the only one who didn’t raise his hand. There were other boys there who didn’t give a salute, and one of them is even in the center of the first row!
  • Mika Morgan
    I was in the support unit for 2 years in primary school. I’ve never been so left out in my whole school life. You’re extremely excluded from everything your school offers because they underestimate your agency

    They probably just did it to collect brownie points too
  • I once taught in a private language school and went through a photo session just like all the other teachers
    It was for the school promotional brochure. Days later, I was made aware by my students that my photo was not included as part of the teaching staff as all the other Caucasian looking teachers... Reason being: I was not and didn't look fitting stereotypically enough for an English teacher...
  • lacy russell
    My photo in high school was also edited in the same sense that these girls had. It’s kind of funny, because when I did look at the yearbook team who had to approve the photos, all of these girls were from backgrounds, that were very modest some being Christian Catholic and Muslim. I respect religious groups, but you don’t have to force everybody to be like you. Nobody should feel that they have to dress or bees modest as a person next to them. None of these photos were offensive. These people act like they never gone to a beach and seen someone in a bathing suit. Our whole high school and middle school would go to wild waves here in Washington state and let me tell you we weren’t running around in shorts and T-shirts covering our bathing suits. It’s also really strange to me that they had pictures of the swim team in the yearbook and they didn’t do the same thing to their photos…
  • iamthirdyt
    Morgan’s picture being edited out was just like Auggie’s struggles in the book Wonder.
  • Joshua Lowe
    For the first one, why were they only checking to see if there was anything inappropriate with the girl's pictures? They should have also checked to see if there was anything inappropriate in the boys' pictures