I swear, I Really Wanted To Make A "Rap" Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me...

Published 2023-11-16
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I swear, I Really Wanted To Make A "Rap" Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me This Time · André 3000

New Blue Sun

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Released on: 2023-11-17

Associated Performer, Bells, Chimes, Cymbal, Drums, Gong, Percussion, Composer, Mixing Engineer, Producer: Carlos Niño
Associated Performer, Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Composer: Nate Mercereau
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Composer: Surya Botofasina
Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Ken Oriole
Unknown: Fab Dupont
Mastering Engineer: Andy Kravitz

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  • @mjseshhh
    Producers are going to sample the sh*t out of this album
  • I appreciate this man’s courage to unapologetically be himself and even start in an area that he isn’t a master in. It’s funny how what he’s a master in translates in other areas. That’s when you know your walking In your purpose.
  • @pay_attn
    VIBRATE HIGHER, thank you 3K you’re always thinking ahead & pushin forward.
  • @jonjones6776
    Had no idea what to expect from an album like this, but I’d have to admit this is pretty beautiful to the ear.
  • This right here! All Praise The Most High our Creator. Takes you to that spiritual place. Great Work King Andre 3000! High Vibrations!
  • This is so peaceful. The way this world is today we need high vibrational frequency like this. Andre' showing everybody how to be yourself. And do what makes you feel good. Im so proud of him always took a liking to his music. Keep going A-3000 your true fans are still here👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥☀🌕
  • @odinian6244
    I'm fine with this not being a rap album. This is pure audible emotion! Good to have you back, André!
  • @brianmarabe1103
    This is spiritual music, Andre is trying to open our 3rd eye with this meditation music
  • @danadane827
    All the Grammy's are going to this album! Bravo Andre 3000!🤜🏾🤛🏾
  • @RealDj4040
    No where, where I had thought this would be his intro for a long awaited album… He caught most of us if not all of us by surprise and He did not in fact disappoint. This is music for the soul, music for peace. Something I believe we all need. Thank you.
  • @tracyeneal268
    The album is vibrational!!! I been vibrating every since. Thank you dear brother!!
  • @askchristyle741
    This was so cleansing to the soul. I swear this brought a few tears to my eyes (an I’m not even a cryer real talk) much needed healing session.
    Many blessings to you, an your family Andre and everyone else who is listening❤
  • @SANJAY-un3pc
    I feel like he created something that came from his soul for real. This will be sampled, chopped and screwed, featured in movies video games etc etc theres so much you can do with pure sound and emotion alone. This isnt a blank slate, its a foundation for others to build upon.
  • @wargod3002
    I dig how this is so amazing and how it’s nothing like what most people would ever have imagined or expected to come from this man. This is art.
  • @alecbinyon2944
    I think we're all just ready for artists to be artists and not chase whatever thing they did in the past. This is badass.
  • @allahjah88
    This is pure soul production 🙌 no human filter 😊 nuff respect Andre 👏
  • @devibezshow
    I’ve been on song 1 since release. I haven’t even played the rest yet this one is just therapeutic asf to me. Like it’s speaking to me and I’m replaying it trying to comprehend the language said unto me
  • @-Uranos-
    Andre trying to heal people and raise vibrations...This seriously has to be given a chance because I see what dude has done...This music can change lives, real talk.
  • @Damonbodine
    This album is tapping into to what the world needs right now. Everyone is running so fast, head spinning, trying to keep up, trying to excel, trying to breathe a little easier. We can all slow down a little bit, take a moment to just be with our thoughts , find the joy in life. I love it and am thankful to 3 stacks for blessing us with this.
  • This will be the album of the year 2024!!!! Will be played in almost every movie. He will be outrageously rich on top of his current richness. Why, because this is genius and rich within. I absolutely love this. No bars. Oftentimes we all need to just sit with ourselves, be still with no words in our overhead. Marvelously done!