These Animals Got Revenge

Published 2022-12-05
These animals all got revenge. In 2021, things weren’t good for a kitten in Turkey when three dogs had it surrounded. Thankfully, the mother cat came to the rescue. In 2016, a lion charged a woman in South Africa after she killed another lion. But was it real? A cat stranded in 2020 in London wasn't happy when coast guards from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution tried to help it. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • @vitomcsween974
    It's really sad to see a magnificent creature like a lion be shot like that
  • @JAMR0716
    I've always hated hunting for sport. I compare sport hunting to serial killing because, if we're being honest with ourselves, that's exactly what it is. Animals have emotions like you and I have emotions, and they want to live like you and I want to live. What gives us the right to take that away from them simply for the fun of it. There's something pretty sick and twisted about that.
  • @FearlessBlackCat
    I was hoping that lion one was going to be real. Those people deserve to be be ripped apart for what they did. Absolutely horrid.
  • The kitty in the water got me in the feels. It looks just like my missy the way it looked scared. She got out once about a year ago, stayed outside in the freezing cold cuz we couldn't get to her. Luckily the next day my wife was able to pick her up and bring her inside.
  • @savage_edu2142
    Did she just say she got a rush from killing ? If I knew her I’d be concerned
  • @scousemummy8856
    I hope to god those who hunt for fun come to a whole different level of karma 😢
  • @Aykyl
    That cat got chased at the end 💀
  • @Jessicatt88
    When I was a young teen I heard a fight in the road a pack of dogs were attacking a cat. I took the cat in, put it in my spare bathroom and checked on it often. It was such a sweet cat just wanted attention. I wish I would have kept it in my room. By morning when the humane society came, it had died. So sad. I really regret not holding it while it was dying. I thought it would be okay. Must have had internal injuries.
  • @PainEndurer
    it makes me sad to see an animal like a lion get killed like that 😢
  • Even though it’s a fake video, it blows my mind that anyone could shoot a lion for “sport!” Disgusting humans!
  • @maoinc13
    He saved the cat 😺 just to let him go right in front of a massive dog 🐕 😂😂😂😂
  • @JSB-2Z-2K
    Wow the momma cat was fearless! 👏
  • @techwhipped
    So nobody gotta talk about the dog that continue to chase the cat after it was released lol.🤣
  • @thunderben
    Dude it had to feel so good to save that cat and have everyone clap! 😂