Passing the Bridge (Henry Stickmin fangame) (Read Desc)

Published 2022-12-08
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(This was made 2 years ago, by the way, I just reuploaded it because I made a slight update to it!!)
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Puffballs United for making the Henry series!
Songs if you wanna listen them (They are good, credit to the artists!):
Better off alone
These Mistakes are alone mine (credits from breaking the bank
Tell me any bugs!

I have seen some people say stuff about Charles, and I just wanted to say that this was going to be part of an alternate universe, a whole alternate one!
That was going to be explained for the sequel, but it never got released, sooo...

Also, I added some coloring to some objects and I'm not thinking to come back to this project, or so I thought.
I added a back button now, and fixed the endings!
I also reworked on some of the messages, and even added a screen to promote my social media, because, why not :p!
The reason why I won't rework on the sprites (despite being able to rework on them) is because there's some charm in the game's sprites that makes me want to keep it like that!

Anyways, Stay Tuned for Inside The Museum! (Sequel) (Oh, wait... Yeah that got cancelled)
(Yes, the bird is indeed a reference to Undertale!)